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Thursday, December 13, 2012

What will you remember?

What does December represent in your life? Regret for things unfinished and pride in your accomplishments? Christmas with its mixed bag of loneliness and joy?

For me it is a dose of reality. No matter the pleasant surprises up to now, it is truly winter. And whatever is left unstated/unfinished is likely to remain so.

Of course I feel very strongly the desire to be with friends and family. And even though it means leaving my wonderful man behind this year, I will spend a few wonderful days with Mom and my sister and brother in Alberta. And it will be great. And still there will be others missing.

But what a year it has been!

May midnight celebration of Alison's birthday
at DaZavola Paris

March Andy visited me
in Southampton, UK
Sept with Alison
Potato Head Beach Club Bali

April search for a decent
Bloody Mary in Paris
Sept Bali with Alison
April discovery of discount shopping
in Marne la Vallee
Aug visit Berlin with Annie

August walk with Serge
Parc Monceau

January started tradition of Sunday market shopping
(eating) Place Monge Paris

February first time in Shanghai

July wildlife with Angie

September Happy Hour in Paris
July visit included a day at the cottage
with Mom Alberta

January Daycap became a formal practice
Park Hyatt Paris

Dec Christmas window
BHV Paris
July Bastille Day

July Alberta visit
Harold and Amaya

June Bike tour of Bourgogne
Alison, Simon, Carole, Melanie

June Chez George

June with Serge
Jardin de Luxembourg

One day trip to Madrid
May Capri with Angie
March Paris

March Barcelona with colleagues
May Johannesburg

May Rome with Angie

May Naples with Angie

May Pompeii
May Sorrento

May Positano

May Cape of Good Hope South Africa

May my first wild penguins in South Africa
November back to Shanghai

October Chris Isaak concert

Zurich wine tasting

October Daycapping
in Paris

September quick trip to Vienna

November Susan visited me in Paris


  1. This blog post needs a jealous button.

    1. Andy I was surprised when I began to look back over the year. Seems like several years rolled up into one! Thanks for being a highlight!

    2. Thanks Mel, glad to be a part of your world.

  2. I agree with your comment about Christmas being a mixed bag. But it's got to feel good to be able to look back at these photos and reflect on all the wonderful people, places and experiences. It truly does look like more than one year!

  3. I published this blog December 13. The next day a young man killed 26 people at an elementary school in Newtown Conecticut, inlcuding 18 very young children. Clearly it would take a lot of good memories to balance this one act of violence.


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